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Thanks to ALL
8/22/2015 5:44 PM  |  Volunteer

Every other week during the farming season we will be opening our farm to volunteers who might like to come and get their hands dirty! We have had multiple requests from our supporters to come down and be a part of the process. We would love the extra help and you will never go home empty handed ! If you love learning, nature, fresh food and (or) just helping out, this might be for you.

It is great to get to know all of the people who keep us going :)

All dates and times are TBA> However, the farm volunteer days will be Saturdays throughout the season.

Thanks to ALL!!!

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Thursday August 20th CSA Deliveries!!!!
8/22/2015 5:21 PM  |  Latest News

The Zahradka Farm Hello All CSA Members! Due to the Threat of Nast weather, t he Clarksville CSA drop off Location is going to be cancelled tonight. If our Clarksville members would like we have another pick up at the Same time at the Burleigh Manor Middle school tonight that you are welcome to grab your veggies from.

 The Zahradka Farm Burleigh Manor/ Centennial will be happening from 4pm-6:30m today as scheduled and we are bring extra veggies so that our Clarksville members will have the option of picking up t here instead this week or adding items to their following shares throughout the rest of the season to make up. (Burleigh Manor Middle School has a covering over where we set up so it will be a more suitable option in the rain)  

*An option for any CSA member is to pick up at the farm as an alternate location. We are open Tuesday-Sunday. Just email us in advance to let us know. Thanks for understanding the safety of our staff and members comes first!!!

*Also our rule of thumb is: If for some reason we can not do a drop off you can double up the following week on produce or spread the extra items over a few weeks if you would like. We are the ONLY  CSA in Md. That offers that option! We just don't want you to miss out:)

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Grated Turnip and Apple Salad
8/22/2015 4:54 PM  |  Recipes
Spinach and Cheese Strata
8/22/2015 4:51 PM  |  Recipes