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  • Winter Small Family Share
  • Winter Medium Family Share
  • Winter Large Family Share

Winter CSA (14 Weeks)

Mid.  January - Mid. April

Our Winter CSA is very similar to the summer version. It includes all produce from our farm as well as fruit from other small farms we work with. The Colder months however do bring a whole different variety of crop all together! Greens, Cauliforous Veggies, Root veggies etc.We also purchase in-season Florida Citrus to choose from as well. Each basket is meant to feed average families of various sizes, for the entire week in produce and fruit.
During our Winter Program You Will Pre-Order Your Share Every Week:
*Orders must be placed every Monday between 6am-12am. If you fail to place your order in time,the weekly store will be shut down and we will assume you would like  to receive a farmer's choice.
THERE CAN BE NO EXCEPTIONS! (We are harvesting in often freezing weather and are on a strict schedule during this time of year. Thank you for understanding.) If you do not wish to receive your share any particular week please place an order anyway and in the notes section specify that you do not want a delivery. We will then fill your share and donate it to a needy family.
*Don't forget... if you order an item that needs to be kept cool, place a cooler outside for us to deposit it in. (That includes meat and even frozen veggies.)
*If you would like to order extra items that you HAVE NOT pre-ordered like bread, eggs, meat etc.available goose from what is available, Make your selection and we will include them in your share delivery this week. The cost will be added to your CSA balance and an invoice will go out each month. If you choose to check out with paypal you will be asked to pay immediately.
* We deliver share orders to your home or office. (Keep in mind we DO NOT alternate delivery locations so that we don't cause problems with the set delivery route. If you are not available one week to receive your share, we will donate your share to a family in need.)
**If unpredictable circumstances prevent us from delivering your share or if it is our mistake that prevents your share from arriving, we offer  our customers a double share the following week.  If the delivery falls on a major Holiday or something of that nature we will give everyone as much notice as possible and make alternate arrangements as well. As always if you give us notification we can also donate to a family in need. If you are not interested in making your missed deliveries up we will graciously donate them to families who are in need.
*As always we first accept Summer/Fall members into the winter program and there is a 10% deduction at check out for paying in full. (We ask that anyone interested sign up as soon as possible due to the nature of preparation for this program)